zaterdag 30 januari 2016

Over grenzen

Vandaag heb ik 19 sjaaltjes achtergelaten in Parijs.
Om precies te zijn bij Place de la République. Wat indrukwekkend!

Hieronder vind je de boodschap aan de vinder.

Dear finder,

Today me and my family came to Paris to honour the victims of the 13th of November 2015.
Especially here and now, it is my strong belief that if we spread love and warmth again and again,
this world will remain a beautiful, enjoyable and peaceful place to live in, for all of us.

This scarf, hand-knitted by myself, is a symbol of that love and warmth.
It is a gift to you or someone you love.

Please take note of my blog and write where you found this scarf,
tell something about yourself you'd like to share.
In short, please leave love in words behind.

I wish you well,

Bon voyage,